Lenny opened in Honmachi, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture on September 25, 2022 as a cafe where you can drink all types of Blue Mountain coffee.

Lenny opening ribbon cut

The Lenny Opening Ribbon Cutting was attended by the Jamaican Ambassador to Japan, Her Excellency Shorna-Kay Richards, and World Plaza Representative Mr. Nagafusa. Lennox Radcliffe, the owner and manager of Lenny's, is on the far left.

The operating company, Pacific Jamaica Coffee Traders, has been exporting Blue Mountain coffee beans from Jamaica to various countries since 2008. However, the largest exporting country is Japan. We want to deliver more of the deliciousness of Blue Mountain to everyone in Japan! With this in mind, we will introduce beans, connections with producers, and Jamaica's rich agricultural products and food culture through our cafe.

The cafe also produces craft chocolate made from Jamaican Trinitario cocoa beans. Lenny's chocolate is made only with 100% Trinitario cocoa beans and sugar, without using cocoa butter from other countries.

Lenny store

About 15 minutes walk from the station. 5 minutes walk from Yaizu City Hall. When visiting our store, please use Google Maps instead of navigation.

The store was in a building that had not been used for many years, so when it first opened, it was at a address that no one, including the post office or delivery company, could reach. It is still not listed on car navigation systems. When you visit our store, please use your smartphone to search Google. Landmarks are Kanetora-san and Oshio Butcher Shop on Showa-dori. Lenny is next door to Oshio Butcher Shop.

There are 6 seats in the store. Terrace seating is also available during the sunny season.

They also have Jamaican pastries that go well with Blue Mountain Coffee, and ice cream made with Lenny's Bulman and chocolate. Hot chocolate, introduced in the winter, is so popular even in hot weather that it has become a standard menu item.

Another popular item is the Jamaican patty (a large gyoza-shaped meat pie) that is not often sold in Japan. Seasonal products include Jamaican black cake (Christmas cake), Easter buns, cornmeal pudding, and sweet potato pudding.

Lenny's Cocktail

And when you think of Jamaica, you think of rum! Cocktails made with Jamaican rum include Hurricane, Daiquiri, Rum Punch, and in summer, Mojito. If you prefer sweet cocktails, we also have cocktails using Tia Maria, Baileys, etc., so please ask the manager (owner).

All of the flavors may not be familiar to you, but once you try them, you will definitely be very satisfied.

With customers in Lenny store

It's delicious when you put ice cream on top of the pudding.

Yaizu City is famous for its bonito and fish dishes. You can find affordable and delicious fish dishes all over the city. There is also a Zen temple that the late Steve Jobs visited, so you can enjoy the historical culture and retro townscape. Many of the shops around Lenny are long-established stores that have been around since the Edo period, and there are many things to discover just by walking around town.

Yaizu City is said to have a similar atmosphere to the owner's hometown of Port Royal, Jamaica. Please stop by when you come to Yaizu City, Port Royal of the heart!

Location: 4-710-19 Honmachi, Yaizu City

Phone number: 054-625-8770