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100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee & Chocolate LENY

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Grade 1

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In December 2023, we imported a special crop from Jamaica. Blue Mountain Coffee is given its brand name only when grown in the designated altitude range of the Blue Mountain range in the eastern part of Jamaica, with peaks reaching 2,256 meters. Cultivated at altitudes between 800 to 1,200 meters, Blue Mountain Coffee is renowned for its sweet and vibrant flavor, bright acidity, and lack of bitterness. It stands as one of the most authentic Jamaican coffees, distinguished by its rarity and high market value.

LENY's Blue Mountain Coffee is sourced, airlifted, and roasted exclusively from one farm belonging to the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association (JCGA), an organization comprising over 5,000 small-scale farms. These beans come from high-altitude areas, ensuring a single-farm origin and a direct connection to the producers. LENY exclusively deals with Blue Mountain Coffee, making it a truly exceptional product.

Often referred to as the "king" of 100% Blue Mountain No.1 Coffee, this coffee boasts a well-balanced profile. It is unparalleled in its aroma, sweetness felt from the throat, fruity notes, and overall quality. LENY takes pride in offering a coffee that surpasses all others in these aspects.

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